Sometime in 2010, when Hans Robben owned The Ritz for 6 years, he walked with the former ice cream factory director Theo de Waard over the large grounds and memories are being recalled.

When the gentlemen were at the back of the site in front of the mountain, Hans asked Theo why there were things behind the fence against the mountain. Well Theo said, because the mountain is part of it.

Hans had of course looked at the plot drawings but thought that the fence at the bottom of the mountain meant the end of his ground. From that day on he suddenly also owned the mountain!

Now to Hans this was not much of a benefit because you could not build on the mountain.

That changed when the US Consulate wanted to expand on top of the mountain.

For the Consulate, 'safety' is the most important thing and he wanted to buy the mountain, after all, from the grounds of The Ritz you could climb the mountain and get close to the Consul's bedroom window. That was of course unthinkable!

Hans wanted to sell the mountain best but wanted to get other land in return.

A negotiation followed that would eventually take 4 years, mainly because every document had to be officially translated and everything had to go through Washington.

The result is the birth of The Ritz Residence .

A fantastic strip of land at the foot of the mountain, but already 8 meters above sea level.

That height gives the apartments a view over Scharloo , Pietermaai and Punda and residents can see the sea. Who would have thought that: Sea view on Scharloo !



Those who want to build in the historic city center must meet a number of criteria. The two most important are that the building should not resemble the historic buildings around it. It must have its own, more modern appearance. In addition, the building decree wants the facade to show vertical lines. This has been solved by the 'caps' of the penthouses and the vertical louvres that are placed against the facade.


Sales and rental

The concept of The Residence is that the apartments are sold, whereby the buyer can stay in them for 4 weeks a year and the units are rented out as hotel rooms by The Ritz for the rest of the year.

An investment with enjoyment of return and private residence, with expected returns of 6 +%.

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